SatFi satellite Dome First Thoughts

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Satfi satellite

We fitted one of the new SatFi Satellite Dome systems recently and thought I would share our thoughts on it.

The first thing that hits you about the satfi is its size, it’s tiny compared with other domes on the market.

Open up the cover and look inside the dome itself and you can see that’s not the only thing that is different. Instead of a parabolic type dish, satfi satellite domes have a planar array which looks like it has 256 individual elements.

The Satfi system is very quiet in action usually indicative of a quality product, see our video below of the SatFi in action rotating.

satfi controllerOne aspect of the Satfi that we as installers and probably customers will love is the boot sequence and information display on the SatFi Controller. The Satfi controller does a self test at startup displaying each stage as it does it, it then checks if it is locked and if not goes into search mode and shows exactly what the dish is doing at every stage !

The controller is neat, small and compact like the roof unit and has a very informative display.



satfi controller display As you can see the display features the satellite being tracked, whether it has been found and locked, what gain level, even what beam of the satellite you are currently locked to which is useful for the new Astra 2 configuration with the UK Spot beam and Pan European Beam.

The values all have significant and useful meanings as indicated below (Credits to Justin for these) Click on the image to see fullsize

Satfi Indications







See a demo of the Satfi Satellite system for Motorhomes and Caravans in action below:-

Once on the roof the Satfi system is very unobtrusive due to its low profile and small footprint see the images below especially the image of the van with the satfi installed, it is almost imperceptible from head height:-

sat-fi satellite system low profile satellite dome sat-fi

So overall if you need a low profile dome for a motorhome or caravan then we would recommend the SatFi system.

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