Unique Product Filtering Added to Outdoorbits

Posted on by David Burley


Here at Outdoorbits we here the same queries from customers on the same products and in an attempt to improve our website and create a wholly unique and easy to use system we have over the last few months added in filtering to selected product ranges on our site. As far as we know this is unique to the motorhome industry although fairly widespread in other markets like clothes and mass market industries.

These filters allow you to quickly and easily narrow down choices for the following products so far:-

Satellite Systems
Reversing Cameras
Leisure Batteries
Satellite Receivers
Satellite Dome Systems

More products will be added as we collate the information and modify the products with Air Conditioning, Seat Swivels & Cycle Racks our next intended categories.

Our filtering system allows you the customer very easy instant access to the information you need, i.e. if you want to find a Television which is between X and Y dimensions to fit in a space in your motorhome and has a satellite receiver you just select the relevant options on the filters and our site will now only show possible matches.

See some examples of filters as highlighted in red in the below images:-

motorhome product filters for rooflights motorhome product filters for reversing cameras motorhome product filters for inverters

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