How organised are you ?

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In the workshop we have adopted a process that I took from my navy experience. On a ship losing a tool can mean much more than a simple inconvenience. Where it went becomes a huge issue if the system you are working on is a helicopter or a massive high power radar system with 1000s of Amps coursing through its electrical veins.

Therefore, onboard ships lots of engineers store every tool in a visible location, every tool has its own place that with a simple glance the engineer can ascertain that all tools are “present and correct”

We adopted this at Outdoorbits, with tool holders on display for spanners, sockets, holesaws, screwdrivers etc. This means when we work on your van we can take a quick look and see all our tools are back where they are supposed to be on completion of the work carried out.


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David lives & breathes motorhomes, an ex Fulltimer who has years of experience living in a motorhome and now drawing on his Royal Navy Technical engineering background for installation work.

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