Satellite Internet Systems The Way Ahead ?

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motorhome internet by oyster

A definite increase over the last 18 months or so has been in the takeup of internet systems for use in motorhomes and caravans, whether this be due to the lower pricing or the satellite TV footprints changing and other means needed to watch TV or finally the increased need to feel “connected” even whilst away on travels.

We fitted another satellite internet system for a motorhome earlier this week. This customer had opted for the Oyster Internet system due to its unlocked modem aspect allowing them free will to go with whichever internet provider they wished and the 3 years Pan European warranty is useful.

No more issues with trying to find either accessible and economic Wifi Access or dipping into international roaming which is usually a financial surprise later down the line, with Satellite internet the world is your Oyster (literally !)

With access packages available to suit any wallet size ranging from £9.95 per month† upwards satellite internet is now within the realms of being a no brainer for those who need / want internet access whilst on the road.

Not only that motorhome satellite internet systems offer the ability to use them as a means of watching television as well as they are fully functional automatic satellite tv  systems alongside their internet functionality.

I was an early adopter of satellite internet systems being in a lucky position in the early 2000’s of being employed by a major computer corporation which required my role to have fast internet access from home and as I lived in the country at the time standard modem connection was all that was available to me so the company stumped up the cost to get me hooked up to satellite internet instead. The installation cost at the time was approaching £8,000 and monthly costs £150. Fast forward a few years on and the motorhome I full timed on we had installed with Datastorm satellite Internet system, this time the capital equipment cost was £5500 and the ongoing costs in the region of £120 per month.

A few years later and a different motorhome had me installing an Alden Netmaster satellite internet system, this time the equipment costs had dropped to £3300 and the monthly costs were down to £75.

Nowadays the costs for a satellite internet system for a motorhome or caravan can be as low as £3199 and with ongoing costs as low as £9.95 a month then satellite internet is more accessible than ever before







motorhome internet by oyster






† – See for details of some packages available

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