Driller Killer

Posted on by David Burley

Burstner Roof Wiring

Here at Outdoorbits we have a tried and tested methodology for drilling holes which has evolved over the years and provides for the safest means of drilling through the roofs of expensive motorhomes without causing damage.

This methodology has proved fruitful many times and here is one for your perusal and which proves that manufacturers do run cabling through roof void / insulation spaces and fitting companies do not have special top secret diagrams depicting where these cable runs are and instead have to rely on experience and solid engineering processes.

Next time you consider drilling through your roof, look below at what might be waiting for you just under the roof seal 😉

Burstner Roof Wiring

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David lives & breathes motorhomes, an ex Fulltimer who has years of experience living in a motorhome and now drawing on his Royal Navy Technical engineering background for installation work.

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