Now you see it, Now you don’t – Removing a satellite system from a Motorhome

Posted on by David Burley

oyster removed

We often have customers who have old none working satellite systems on their roofs who are wanting to upgrade to something new / operational.

This is possible and if done correctly has no issues. Firstly you unscrew / unbolt the main system. You then carefully try and separate the sealant holding the waterproof gland and mounting plate for the satellite system away from the roof, this is done using a mixture of hard work, sealant remover, modified wallpaper removal tool, cheese wire etc (You choose the weapon of choice !)
Once the bulk is removed then get to work with elbow grease and clean off the area using solvent cleaner (We use IPA) and then finally you are ready to install afresh.

with Oyster CaroWith a defective Oyster Caro Prior to any work
oyster removedBlink and you miss it, The Oyster has gone
megasat dome installedAnd in its place is a megasat Dome
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David lives & breathes motorhomes, an ex Fulltimer who has years of experience living in a motorhome and now drawing on his Royal Navy Technical engineering background for installation work.

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