Avtex Snipe Pro + Votronic MPPT Installation

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avtex snipe pro

We fitted our first Avtex Snipe Pro yesterday alongside a 140w solar panel coupled to a votronic MPP250 MPPT regulator and associated Votronic 1250 Solar Monitor Panel and just wanted to let our readership know our thoughts on this new piece of kit.
The Snipe Pro feels like a substantial system, by feel I mean it has a hefty engineered weight to it and seems nicely constructed.
Fitting was a breeze with the supplied instructions
The system performs admirably, locking on quickly and easily.
Now onto the Votronic Kit, we installed our usual 140w panel and connected it to the Votronic MPP250 which is an MPPT regulator allowing better charging characteristics in overcast conditions. The customer also wanted to be able to monitor all aspects of the charging coming from the solar panel / regulator and so opted for a Votronic 1250 Solar computer which at the touch of a button gives instant feedback on Amps, watts and Volts being generated / Battery voltage.

avtex snipe pro 

Avtex Snipe Pro

avtex snipe pro control panel plus votronic mppt regulator 

Avtex Snipe Pro Controller next to Votronic MPP250 Solar Regulator

votronic 1250 solar monitorVotronic 1250 Solar Computer

Below are a couple of videos showing the functionality available for the Votronic 1250 Solar Computer and a quick video showing the Avtex Snipe Pro raising and locking on.

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