Satellite Mapping Day 1

Posted on by outdoorbits

We’ll a fairly uneventful trip down to our night stopover at Alderstead Heath campsite, well apart from the manoeuvring mirror for the drivers mirror deciding it had enough of life and jumping ship on the A303 !

We got to the campsite too late to check in but stayed in the late arrivals section instead.

A sedate morning rise (due to the amount of driving I had done yesterday of Bath to Devon and then Devon to London) and we were off again to the Eurotunnel at folkestone.

We are now sat inside one of the Eurotunnel trains, awaiting the underwater trip to France and our first continental stopover in Paris at the Camping De Paris campsite (more on this later)

We will be starting mapping in Paris and wholly expect all systems to work perfectly this far in Europe.

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