How to Manually lock on to satellites with an Oyster Satellite System

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We are getting more and more customers approaching us with very old Mark 1 Oyster satellite systems that now find they cannot lock on to Astra 2. This is due to satellite frequency changes with a resulting knock on effect on Oyster Mk1 Controllers. Some of these controllers can be updated, however some older models do not have the ability to store the information required and so cannot be updated.

If you have an old MK1 Oyster system which cannot be updated and you don’t want to spend >£500 upgrading the hardware then there is a final option which is manual aligning.

To conduct a manual search on an Oyster vision then carry out the following process:-

1. Switch on your receiver (FTA / Freesat / Sky) and switch to the signal test menu page. Press Settings -> Option 4 -> Option 6 on Sky Viewing boxes or usually under satellite setup on FTA Boxes.

2. Switch on your Oyster system and choose the relevant zone for your current location i.e. Uk = Top /  France = Middle & Spain = Bottom. The Oyster system will search but not lock on and eventually stops with an error message of “No Satellite Found”. You need to stop the satellite search before it reaches this error stage. Wait for your Oyster system to start a box search i.e. Dish moves right, then dish moves down, then dish moves left and finally dish moves up and as it goes down and then goes left press the Menu button.

3. Using the right arrow on the control box scroll across to “Manual Search” and press the ok button.

4. Once in this mode you have full manual control over the Oyster and with the up, down, left and right arrows you can manually move the system, however the right arrow and left arrow controls are inverted and do the opposite of what they show. Move the system towards the southwards i.e. to the right from its current location by pressing the arrow one click at a time leaving a few seconds between clicks. Keep doing this until you start to see a signal show on the signal test page. Once the signal is present then peak the signal by using the arrows left, right etc until you have a strong reliable signal then press the ok button on the controller to store the location.

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