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Alde heating HQ Front

Ben and I visited the Alde HQ yesterday to attend the Enhanced training course for Alde Products. Pronounced “Al Dah” and not Al Di or Al De.

We have had vans in before with Alde and knew the product as a user/operator but this was a technical training course which allows us to be Alde Approved Engineers and we can therefore service and repair Alde systems now.

If you haven’t heard of Alde heating systems they are unique in the motorhome/leisure industry in that they are ‘wet’ heating systems i.e. they operate in the same fashion a domestic radiator based system. A central boiler (gas/electric) heats the water and it is then pumped around a closed radiator / convector loop.

The benefits of the Alde system are a sustained and comfortable heat inside a caravan or motorhome whilst also offering hot fresh potable water.

Alde systems if well maintained are reliable and offer other enhancements such as txt message activation and the ability on some models with an addon to be able to see the amperage being used by your caravan / motorhome and adjust the boiler usage based on set limits to avoid tripping the campsite hook up supply.

The Alde HQ are quite impressive with kits being assembled on site, training facilities and warehousing.

Alde HQ Rear





The course went through the technical aspects of the 3010 / 3020 Alde range of boilers including disassembly / assembly and fault finding procedures. The course also took us through the draining down / refilling procedure as Alde systems are wet heating systems they have a Glycol Anti Freeze/water mixture running through the boiler and radiators which only has an active life of either 2 or 5 years (depending on the manufacturer of the motorhome / caravan, check your documentation for details) before the anti corrosive inhibitor becomes ineffective. Another alarming post on our blog (Alde boiler corrosion) shows the results of not having the anti freeze corrosion protection renewed when due.




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