Wind Problems !

Posted on by David Burley

Motorhome satellite systems are expensive, roof mounted automatic systems even more so. Dish based systems act like huge sails on the roof of a van or caravan and so common sense dictates you should never leave / raise your dish in high winds or where gusting winds might be prevalent and if they are raised to lower them overnight in case of storms overnight. This is one area where motorhome satellite domes prevail over dish based systems as they can be utilised whatever the wind is doing but suffer from smaller satellite coverage due to their significantly smaller dish size under the dome.

If you do get caught out by a freak gust of wind then unfortunately what can happen is damage to your motorhome satellite system, this damage is usually expensive as it involves twisted or bent metal, torn equipment or damaged gearbox components.

We have quite a few customer enquiries especially later autumn and this time of year where damage has been incurred.

One such enquiry just in shows the damage to a gearbox component where the wind has pushed against the dish and forced it backwards.

motorhome satellite system wind damage

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