Using smartphones when Motorhoming / Caravanning

Posted on by David Burley

motorhome apps

motorhome apps

With the rise in availability of apps for all the various smartphones around, so too has the number of useful apps for motorhomers and caravanners increased.

Whether the app is a campsite or stopover program that allows you to search using the inbuilt gps in a smartphone to identify your current location and ascertain what sites are nearby through to simple checklist apps useful for when setting out on a trip, packing away etc.

We are compiling a list of useful apps for motorhomes and caravans and will make separate blog postings for each Operating system available, i.e. Windows Phone / IOS / Android.

Keep checking back for updates.

If there are any you know of please leave comments on facebook / twitter and we can check these and add them to our lists.

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