Motorhome Satellite Reception in Europe

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astra 2e satellite reception

astra satelliteIn February I intend to map some of the reception it is possible to get in Europe, then later in the year do the same again once the new Astra 2E satellite is in place and opeerational to see a comparison.

This sort of thing has been done before but always by someone with a particular vested interest i.e. a manufacturer or distributor has done it and usually nothing of much detail is filtered out.

My intention is to load our motorhome up with a number of systems to get an idea of how they all perform and then at predetermined points on my journey to stop, unload them and see what satellites i can lock on to and receive and what channels i can get.

Once i get further south and the signal starts to go, I will play around with skew and see how much further it actually does get me in real world situations.

Should make for very interesting reading, we constantly get asked where can I get a signal on X system etc so at least this way we will know for sure.

Obviously lots of variables to take into account, time of day, weather etc etc but I will log these also.

I intend to take the following systems:-

1 X roof mounted automatic 85cm dish system
1 x roof mounted dome system
1 x Maxview vuqube
1 x Portable dish system
1 x Avtex Snipe

Between them I should be covering most eventualities and get a nice comparison between them all.

I only have 11 days to get it all done and dusted, i am thinking of travelling over Eurotunnel and then down via Paris through France via Narbonne route and then down to as far as Valencia and then back up across to San Sebastian and up diagonally through France from the South West back to Calais.

Once the trip has been completed I will compile all the information into a report which will be available from our website.

Throughout the research trip i will be posting updates on our blog (internet connection notwithstanding)

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Update 21/01/2014

Clarified exactly what systems we will be testing now as follows:-

  1. Oyster Vision Mk2 85cm Automatic satellite system
  2. Maxview VuQube Automatic
  3. Avtex Snipe Satellite system
  4. Travel Vision R6 65cm Satellite System
  5. Maxview Precision 65cm Portable Tripod System
  6. Megasat Campingman satellite Dome

Just working on exact route now and a spreadsheet format to nail down measurement positions, conditions, systems and reception.

Update 09/02/2014

Due to an unfortuante incident of a torn shoulder ligament and a severe neck strain I won’t be risking such a long drive. This also co-incides with Astra 2E just having taken up station in its permanent geo stationary orbital position, which means it is in a period of flux so not the best time to take readings as I would not be sure that comparisons were correct.

I am therefore rescheduling the trip for early April which also allows me to penetrate further into Spain giving me better mapping results.

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