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motorhome satellite internetWell lately we have had quite a few customers enquiring about motorhome satellite internet so I am writing a blog posting to explain some of considerations when choosing a satellite internet system for your motorhome.

What is Satellite Internet ?

If you have an iPad or other Tablet computer, smartphone, laptop etc that uses internet and you want to either keep in touch with family / friends whilst touring around the UK/Abroad then satellite internet allows you fast internet in the comfort of your motorhome or caravan. It provides within minutes of switching on the system a wired internet connection (although simply adding a wireless router gives you a wifi network within your vehicle and to some extent outside of the vehicle). This satellite internet connection can be used wirelessly via your phone / iPad / Laptop etc. You can do the same things on it that you can from your home broadband connection such as Email / Browse the Internet / Voice Over IP (VoIP) and even stream TV using services such as Netflix / Lovefilm & iPlayer (If abroad then a VPN Service may be required for these).

Do I need Satellite Internet ?

Sounds silly, but the financial capital outlay for a Satellite internet system for a motorhome can be considerable, there is the initial cost of the system, then the fitting assuming you are paying for professional installation (You should get these systems installed by specialists, We are biaised obviously being a specialised installation company but we have seen so called professionals from other industries get the installation wrong with a recent customer purchasing a Teleco satellite Internet system for use on a narrowboat and the boat builder carried out the installation, the position of the finished product meant that the system could not rotate correctly due to nearby structure !)

Once the system is installed there are ongoing subscription costs. Satellite internet systems operate in a similar fashion to how we are accustomed to with mobile phones. You purchase a system and then sign up to a contract with a provider (BeyondDSL aka Satelliteinternet, Digitaria, IPCopter etc) these can be thought of as similar to Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile etc i.e. they provide the ongoing service and infrastructure to allow you to use your satellite internet system.

How much will it cost ?

Motorhome Satellite Internet Systems range in price but are between £3,000 – £3500, fitting is around £300-400 price range depending on the complexity of installation, extra options taken up (Wireless router etc), then the ongoing costs which range from £18-20 upwards (dependant upon provider / bandwidth consumption requirements and upload/download speed).

So even basing the price on the lowest estimates (£3,000 + £300 = £3,300 + an annual charge of £216) the figures soon add up.

What the system does give you for that price however is reliable and consistent internet and of course satellite TV across Europe.

Satellite Internet Alternatives

There are cheaper alternatives available with the likes of Wifi Aerials / Wifi Boosters which do work, but they of course rely on a Wireless signal being within range of the Aerial and that wireless signal being available for public use. In London this is a no-brainer but get out in the middle of Spain and its an entirely different ball game. Another issue with public / shared WiFi connections can be contention, i.e. on a campsite there may be WiFi available, but once X motorhome / caravan users all connect up and start downloading / trying to call home using VoIP the connection slows to a crawl. With a dedicated Satellite Internet system you are the sole user. VoIP can also be used over Satellite internet connections with some providers setting up specific packages which are more suited to that particular purpose.

If you need reliable, consistent and available connectivity throughout Europe whether that to be used for business purposes or simply for keeping in touch with family then satellite internet in your motorhome can be excellent.

The costs over and above a standard motorhome satellite tv system are not excessive (Capital outlay perhaps £1,000 more and slightly more expensive installation) but then the actual month by month running costs are comparable nowadays with domestic home broadband financials.

Once you decide on the path of motorhome satellite internet then you need to consider which system to buy.

There are a few manufacturers on the market, the systems we would recommend are the Oyster Internet System and the Teleco Internet system.
They both have unique facilities and I will break down some of the differences as follows:-

Motorhome Satellite Internet Comparisons

Satellite Internet System TV + Internet
at same time
Provider(s) Weight Height
Oyster Satellite Internet 1390015996_minus facility available on this satellite internet system facility available on this satellite internet system Hertzinger
 17Kg  23cm
Teleco Satellite Internet facility available on this satellite internet system Receiver
 1390015996_minus Digitaria 15.45Kg

Ultimately the choice of satellite internet system for your motorhome (or caravan) is a personal choice with some differences between the systems being apparent. If you must be able to watch UK TV and use the Internet at the same time then Telecos’ Internet system is a must have, if you intend to travel far South on the continent and don’t have easy access to your roof to adjust skew manually and footprint coverage is a must have for you then the Oyster system may be what you need.

Outdoor Bits are independant as we are both Oyster and Teleco trained so we can professionally install whichever satellite internet system you want on your motorhome or caravan.

A Choice of satellite internet systems suitable for motorhomes or caravans can be found in our specialist section of our site here:

Resources: – BeyondDSL Provider – Digitaria Provider – IPCopter Provider

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