Installing a Nature Pure Water Filter in a Motorhome

Posted on by David Burley

I installed a nature pure filter in our Motorhome yesterday. Such a simple procedure it makes you wonder why everyone doesn’t have them (apart from the cost)

Our Motorhome is a Euramobil Integra 866 A Class Van and the taps are easily accessible by simply pulling out the Kitchen drawers underneath the sink which exposes the pipework.

fitting a nature pure water filter

The next step is to ascertain space requirements are available to fit the filter underneath, the filter comes in a cylindrical housing with a plastic holding clamp / bracket. Two screws hold the bracket in place and then the housing sits atop the holding clamp. Remember when mounting the bracket it’s a good idea to actual jury rig everything together to ensure the plastic hoses supplied with the nature pure water filter are long enough to reach where they are going to be spliced into the cold water tap pipework.

nature pure water filter fitting

To ascertain which pipe is which (they are not usually labelled or colour coded and mixers are commonly used in vans) I used the water heater until the water was warm and then ran the hot tap and held the hoses underneath. Once identified I printed out a label to save time in future should there be a need. Once hose was identified the water system was drained down.

Plenty of space in our van as the drawer only pushes in about 3/4 of the actual space available. So once the bracket was mounted in place we cut the pipe having previously pulled out the quick release blue coupling to ensure the pipe was actually the correct diameter to be able to insert the plastic elbows supplied with the kit.

The elbows were inserted into the cut pipe and clamped with jubilee clips.

The cartridge was then unpacked and mounted inside the housing and the two plastic pipes were connected to the housing top (ensuring they are connected correctly as per the supplied diagram for inlet / outlet)

I then re-filled the water system, and ran the cold tap for a few minutes iaw the instructions to prime the cartridge / remove loose particles.

The Nature pure water filter was then ready to use.

Total job time was sub 1hr and we now have clean, purified water coming out of the cold tap.fitting a nature pure filter

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