Gaslow refill and a Bump !

Posted on by David Burley

Gaslow RefillingToday we took the motorhome for its first Gaslow bottle refill (we filmed the procedure so that future customers having the systems fitted can take away a video of how to fill themselves), the gaslow refill went all to plan and captured on film ready for processing later however once complete had to negotiate the space available to exit the forecourt.

I manoevered the van so that i was in the normal queuing space for the pumps and awaited the cars in front to finish filling and move off so that i could then drive through and out of the petrol station.

Suddenly the car in front (Citroen C8 being driven by a lady driver) started reversing towards me and before i could do / say anything she had backed into the motorhome.

I jumped out, the lady was distressed but I calmly explained these things happen, walked around to the front of the van and it was undamaged, the same couldn’t be said for the Citroen though which had a crumple dent in the tailgate, a quick in depth inspection revealed no damage to the van

The German build quality of our Euramobil was obviously superior to that of  a French car 😉


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